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Kirby's Certified Ice Machine Cleaner - 100% Nickel Safe

Nickel Safe Ice Machine Cleaner
Use Every 3 to 6 Months To Keep Your Ice Machine Operating Efficiently.

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Kirby's 100% Nickel Safe Ice Machine Cleaner


• Recommended for all brand of Ice makers.

• In commerical use since 1990 Now selling nationwide.

• Maximum scale removing power in a convenient liquid form.


Compare to other Ice Machine Cleaners

Same concentrated strength as Nu-Calgon, Whirlpool, and other national brands.

Lower cost
per oz. price than others...

You pay only .36 per oz. when you buy the gallon.

You pay only .53 per oz. when you buy the 16 oz 4 pack.

You Always Save by buying direct form Kirby, your Texas, USA manufacturer.

More Information About Our Ice Machine Cleaner

Kirby's Ice Machine Cleaner has been proven in thousands of field situations for over a decade.

We developed it to help us keep hundreds of our lease ice machines clean and smooth running.
Regular cleaning with this product helps us sell more machine leases while making fewer service calls.

You can Prevent Most Service Calls...

Did you Know?

More than half of all ice machine service calls are related to water problems and build up of mineral
deposits on the critical parts of the ice production mechanisms.

Follow manufacturer recommendations and clean your ice machine regularly with a good ice machine
cleaner chemical like Kirby's 100% nickel safe ice machine cleaner.

It not only removes and cleans... it leave a safe protective coating on metal parts that slows the formations of mineral deposit growth.

There is no better product on the market.

Kirby's Ice Machine Cleaner will work for you and it will save you money every time you use it.

Fresher tasting, safer Ice is another benefit of a clean machine.

Today health concerns are a big issue.

Protect your customers and family by keeping the ice your machines make free from contaminates
that grow from mineral deposit buildup.

Clean machines make crystal clear, better tasting ice that helps makes everything you drink taste better.

Kirby's Certified Ice Machine Cleaner has more uses:

Kirby's Ice machine Cleaner was designed especially for the fast, easy and economical removal of mineral deposits on all types of commercial ice machines.

But our product may also be used to remove rust, and chemical deposits on other commercial equipment. 

It is ideal anywhere that scale and lime build up are present.

Buy it by the Gallon and save.

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Tom Bell, President, Kirby.

Coffee Urn Water Fountain
Steam Table
Use for: steam tables, coffee urns, water fountains, & more.


Read all directions before use.

Contains  phosphoric acid and citric acid
We recommend using this product to thoroughly clean your ice machine every 3 to 6 months.

Product will change colors from Brown to Green when activated.

The product is ready mixed. Convenient to use.
It may be diluted as a powerful soaking solution for all removable components.

Always discard the first batch of ice after cleaning any ice machine.


How To Clean Your Ice Machine:

Kirby Ice Machine cleaner will clean all ice machines brands offered on our site Hoshizaki, ICE-O-Matic, Manitowoc, and Scotsman. Click here for more Ice Machine Cleaning instructions.