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Commercial Steamers

Steamed FoodSteam Cooking Equipment

Steaming is not just for Rice anymore.

In a world of microwaves and deep fryers, steam cooking was relegated into the background, often labeled as 'bland' - the unkindest cut of all.  Today’s in-the-know- diner, has now knows an age old secret…Steam best preserves the texture, flavour and nutrition of the ingredients.

Chef’s are really steaming today …To offer the kind of steamed cooked dishes that are being demanded.

Welcome to a page of brands you need to know about if you are planning to start steaming in your kitchen. Every size and shape steamer imaginable is available now from Cleveland, Southbend, Groen or Vulcan, the leaders in the industry.

Pressurless Convection Steamers - Delivers high velocity dry steam.

Braising Pans - Used to braise, saúte, simmer, fry, grill and more. Perfect for pan-fry chicken, scrambled eggs, sauces/roux, and chicken fried steak.

Steam Kettles - Uses low maximum tempature and operating pressure for roasting meats, simmering soups, strews, sauces, and cooking vegetables.

If you're starting to steam or adding more steamers, Kirby can help.

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