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Commercial Cookware

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The Kaleidoscope of choices facing you when purchasing cookware begins with the Stainless Vs Aluminum debate.

Stainless Steel Cookware
Stainless steel is a tough metal that is harder to scratch and dent. It is fairly easy to clean. Stainless and does not react to acidic or alkaline foods that are cooked in it. You can deglaze to create wonder gravies and sauces. High quality steel cookware adds a base with copper or aluminum to cause the steel to distribute heat faster and more evenly.

Aluminum Cookware
Aluminum is available at lower cost. It heats faster than steel. Generally it is lighter in weight. It can be anodized to provide a more non-stick cooking surface. The jury is out, but there are health issues around aluminum. Some say the warnings should be taken seriously. In spite of these issues aluminum cookware is a best seller. More recently it has taken a sales hit for another reason Aluminum is not magnetic and cannot be used with today’s popular induction range cooking equipment.