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Commercial Self Contained

Self-Contained Ice Machines
A real space saver. Perfect for a small bar, cafe, or kitchen.

ICE-O-Matic Modular Head Ice Maker with Bin
A self-contained ice machine is the ice maker and storage bin in one compact unit. It is also called an undercounter ice machine.

They will fit in small spaces, under bar installations, or under most 40" counters in a kitchen. Under counter ice machines come in many sizes, but lack the storage capacity of modular ice machines.

Think about how much ice you need and the space you have for a machine.
A modular ice machine would work better for a large restaurant, with lots of thirsty customers,

Hoshizaki Ice Maker with Bin

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Cube Ice

The most common form of ice in the commerical industry. Eighty percent of restaurants choose ice machines that make cubed ice.

Cube ice is clear and comes in various shapes —rectangular, full cube, half cube, gourment, contour, or other regular shapes. The largest dimension is about 1.25 inches (3.18 centimeters). Pieces of cube ice range in weight from 1/6 to 1/2 ounce (4.8 to 14.0 grams) and contain minimal amounts of liquid water.

Flake Ice

Flaked ice is the most economical to produce and ideal for rapid cooling. Fills in around foods, unlike cubes that create warm air pockets that melt your ice. Generally used in cold pans or displays where ice need to be molded to the foods. Occasionally is it used in specialty drinks and soft drinks.

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