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Commercial Heated Merchandisers

Hot Food Display Merchandisers and Warmers

Great for impluse buys in restaurants, convenience stores, and concession stands. Pretzel Merchandiser

Nacho Chip Display Warmers
- Keep your chips hot, crisp and tasty with this specialty warmer and display unit. Prevents the loss of natural oils, so you will not need to replace stale chips.

Pizza & Pretzel Merchandisers - Great way to merchandise Pizza or Pretzels without drying out product. Humdified display cabinets handles crispy or moist food equally well with a unique combination of Air Convection Heater and Humidity Water Heater.

Popcorn Poppers - "Popped" popcorn stays hot through an efficient system of bottom heat provided by a heating element and top heat provided by a heat bulb.

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