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Commercial Ranges & Ovens

Commercial Ranges and Ovens

Everything in the kitchen centers around your ranges and ovens. Good equipment makes the difference in your ability to produce top-notch food at a profit.

Restaurant Ranges
- Popular choice of the restaurant industry. Perfect for smaller restaurants, short order cook stations, churches, and nursing homes.

Heavy Duty Ranges - Upgrade from a Restaurant Range, when you need a more durable range for high volume cooking. Recommended for large institutions, like schools, banquet halls and prisons.

Bake Ovens - Independently operated oven sections with separate controls afford the advantage
of cooking a variety of products at different temperatures at the same time. These ovens are ideal for hotels, hospitals, schools, larger cafeterias, dining rooms and all other high production operations.

Conveyer Ovens - Food moves along a converyor belt from one side of the oven to the other. Units are stackable, and food is cooked quickly, evenly, and efficiently. , Conveyor ovens can roast or bake a variety of foods, pizza to meats, to breads and pastries depending upon the temperature and conveyor speeds that you set.

Convection Ovens - Cook, bake, roast, or warm. These ovens can really get the job done. Gone are the days where you need to turn your pans halfway through the cook cycle. Air circulates thoughout the entire oven cavity resulting in evenly and thoroughly cooked food.

Finishing Ovens - The finishing touch. Glaze, melt or brown your foods. Heating elements in the top of the oven direct heat right onto to the top of your dishes.

Pizza Ovens - Countertop pizza ovens are great for cooking 12" pizzas, and some models can cook up to 14" pizzas. These electric pizza ovens have top heating elements that fuction as a broiler, baking the top of the pizza. Recommended for small businesses.

Rotisserie Ovens - Great for roasting chicken, chops, ribs, fish and vegetables. The combination of product presentation with delicious aromas creates a unique shopping experience for the front of the house, even if the bulk of the food is being prepared in the back. The customer's interest is enhanced by the aromas of the fresh roasting chicken and by the attractive appearance of the rotisserie with bright quartz elements.

Kirby offers a variety of Commercial Restaurant Ranges, Heavy Duty Ranges, Bake Ovens, Convection Ovens, Conveyer Ovens, Finishing Ovens, Pizza Oven, Rotisseries Ovens, and Microwave Ovens from Amana, APW Wyott, Equipex, Garland, Lincoln, Southbend, US Range, and Vulcan.

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