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Commercial Countertop Cooking

Countertop Cooking Equipment
Add to your menu with ease...

Countertop Cooking equipment is made to help you increase your menu options at a low price. It is designed to fit on any countertop or in a small space.

Equipment ranges from char-broilers and griddles for general cooking items such as breakfast eggs, omelets, pancakes, hamburgers and steaks, to speciality items like crepe machines and waffle bakers.

Hot plates are great for providing extra burners, without the added expense of purchasing another range. Conveyor toasters are perfect hotels and large restaurants. The large openings give you the ability toast muffins, bagels and bread. Panini grills are generally used as sandwich grill, but they can also be used to cook steak, hamburgers, chicken breasts, and vegetables.

Kirby offers a variety of Countertop CharBroilers, Griddles, Hot Plates, Panini Grills, Stock Pot Stoves, Toasters, Waffle Bakers, and more from APW Wyott, Equipex, Garland, Southbend, and US Range.