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Shipping Policy
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It is important for shipping policies that we use to be understood to avoid misunderstandings. We are working to make every part of the online buying process flow smoothly for you.

Most important…We will stress repeatedly:

Do NOT Sign for Any Shipment if you have not inspected it for damage.

Our advice: Refuse the shipment in the event it has been damaged in transit. Or you are not given time to check for concealed damage.

Please Read Our D.A.D.S Return Policy

DADS Return Policy

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Here is why the bill of lading is so important.

When Kirby signs the drivers bill of lading at pick up legally the shipper owns the merchandise.
They sign agreeing that the item they are picking up from Kirby is in undamaged condition. This
releases Kirby from legal responsibility for the item. The firm has agreeded to be responsible for
the shipment guaranteeing that it will be delivered in good condition. Once you sign the bill of
lading at delivery you now own the shipment. Your signature releases the trucking company from
any claims of any future responsibility. Legally you are your own if any damage problems are
found at a later time.

Kirby will try, as we always do, to help you file claims against the shipping company if damage
is found. But we actually can do little to help if they have your signature confirming the shipment was received in good condition.

If you and Kirby work together and follow procedures we can often help resolve shipping problems. Frankly, This is the prime reason that many shippers rush the customer to sign the bill of lading or actually delivery without providing the opportunity to sign a receipt.

Don’t be Rushed.

The driver can have up to 30 minutes he can stay at your location with the delivery without reporting to a supervisor especially on item valued at over $1000.gray line

Its important to know: It can take 24 -48 hours to process an order received online. This order processing time is in addition to shipping time.

We make a tracking number available to you the customer as soon as one is available. Issuing a
tracking number can take up to 12 hours after the shipper has possession of the shipment.

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Frequently Asked Shipping Questionsgray line

Q. What does it mean if your order is promoted as Free Freight from Kirby?.

A. Free Freight means: Shipped at no additional charge to you the customer using standard motor freight by the shipper of our choice direct to a business address in the continental United states.

What is not included?

  • Shipping to Alaska, and Hawaii are not included.
  • Shipping to a residential address is not included in a free shipping promotion.
  • Where shipping ends… offloading begins.
    All Off loading services are an additional charge.
    They are separate services from free shipping or standard curbside delivery

Q. What is Curbside Delivery?

A. This is usually what is ment by delivery of your shipment.

All items are delivered curbside to the address specified on your invoice. By definition, curbside delivery means that you are required to meet the delivery truck in front of your home or business, and you are responsible for receiving the product from the truck and handling any other transport of items to their
desired destination.

Q. What off loading services are available?

A.The off loading services are Lift Gate, Residential delivery, and Scheduled delivery. Each requires an additional shipping services fee.

Q. What is Liftgate Service?

A. A lift-gate is a device used to raise and lower items from ground level to the level of a tractor trailer.

Freight companies deliver items on a tractor trailer which is 56 inches above the ground.
These trailers are designed to load and unload at a loading dock or with a fork-lift. If your
delivery location does not have a loading dock or fork-lift and the item is too heavy to remove
from the trailer by hand, then you may need a lift-gate. If you pay for liftgate what you get is the
shipment set on the ground near near the truck.

If you pay for liftgate and do not get it call Kirby at 800-877-5472

Q. Do I need lift-gate delivery?

A. If your delivery location has a loading dock or forklift you do not need a lift-gate.

There are several ways to avoid paying lift-gate delivery costs.

  • If the individual items in your shipment are light enough for you and your friends to remove from the truck you do not need a lift-gate.
  • If you are willing to drive to the closest terminal and take terminal delivery you do not need a lift-gate. Terminal delivery is often a good way to save both lift-gate and residential delivery fees.

If none of these options work for you then you will need lift-gate delivery.

Q. What is Schools & Churches Shipping?

A. Delivery made to a residential address or hard to access location due to size of truck.

Often you can avoid residential delivery fees by receiving your shipment at a nearby business or
office building. If you have a pickup truck capable of hauling your item, we can schedule
"terminal delivery" where the item is delivered to the closest trucking terminal and you receive
the item there. This is a good way of saving both residential and lift-gate delivery fees.

Q. What is scheduled delivery?

A. The freight company will call you to confirm schedule your delivery as conveniently as possible.

Well worth the money. This is almost a sure way to prevent additional redelivery charges that
are added when the first delivery attempt is unsuccessful for reasons within your control. And it
can prevent return of the merchandise to the seller because there was no acknowledgement from
the reciepient. This results in a second return shipping charge.

Q. What should I look for when inspecting my shipment ?

A. About 2% of freight shipments arrive damaged, so be sure to inspect your item when it arrives.

Please Read Our D.A.D.S Return Policy The most common cause of damage is the fork-lift so pay special attention to holes poked in the packaging and to the bottom 18" of the shipment. Inspect the outside of the packaging to look for dents or crushed corners. If you see anything even slightly suspicious carefully remove all packaging and inspect the item.

The driver may be impatient but that beats having to settle for a damaged item.

Sign only when your are satisfied that there is no concealed or apparent damage to the shipment.

Damaged Items

Q. How does insurance work with freight shipments?

A. Every freight shipment is insured. But in order to collect the insurance on damaged goods the receiver MUST INSPECT THE SHIPMENT BEFORE SIGNING FOR IT!

Legally when Kirby receive the item and sign for it, you own it. Therefore it is imperative that you carefully inspectyour shipment for any damage. If there is any damage at all you must note the damage on the freight bill. This is the only way you will be compensated for the damage.

Q. What if my item is damaged?

A. You have two options. You can note damage on the freight bill and accept the item anyway, or you can refuse the shipment. 99% of freight damage is cosmetic.

If you sign the freight bill damaged then the freight company will replace your item, approve reimbursement for parts and repair, or provide compensation depending on the damage to your item. This is often the best option if you need to get your item operational and the damage is cosmetic.

If you refuse the shipment it will be returned to us and we will ship a replacement as soon as possible. This may take some time due to stocking issues and transit times, but this is usually the best option if you shipment is damaged beyond repair.

If you accept your shipment in a damaged state it is very important that you call the freight company immediately to schedule an inspection and file the freight claim, you should take good pictures from different angles of the item and the packaging, and you should save all packaging material.


Q. Do you ship by UPS?

A. The Weight determines the carrier used. Your order will normally ship by UPS, if it is under 100 pounds. Anything over 100 pounds is most often shipped by freight.

Q. What UPS shipping services are available?

A. When we ship by UPS… Kirby uses the following UPS services.

  1. Regular ground. (4 to 6 days delivery)
    Kirby Orders listed as free shipping will ship by UPS Regular Ground.
  2. Three day select ground service
    UPS three day select is not a free service. Regular UPS rates will apply as it does

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Important to know: It can take 24 -48 hours to process an order received online.
This order processing time is in addition to UPS shipping time.

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We make a tracking number available to you the customer as soon as one is provided by UPS.
Issuing a tracking number can take up to 12 hours after UPS has possession of the shipment.

Q. How can I track my order?

A. Our web site has a UPS tracking window or you can log on to UPS tracking utility at the company web site.

Q. What do I need to do, if I receieve a damaged package from UPS?

A. Damage to a package can be reported by a shipper, recipient, or by UPS.

After a damage inspection is performed by UPS, the shipper of record is contacted with the results. Depending on the results, the shipper can file a claim for the repair or replacement cost of the package contents up to the declared value.

Q. What if my package is Lost?

A. If a package is not delivered, UPS can help by performing a search to locate your package. If the package cannot be found, the shipper can file a claim up to the declared value of the package contents.

Shippers and receivers can report a lost package on Shippers are encouraged to report the lost package because claim notification letters are not sent to receivers.

In order to be considered lost, a package must be undelivered 24 hours after the expected delivery date
and time. A report cannot be made until then.

Once you report a lost package, you can check the status of your report online. Contact UPS if you have any questions or concerns.

Q. How long do I have to report a lost or damaged package?

A. You can report a lost or damaged package online up to five months from the date of expected delivery.

If you choose to report a lost or damaged package to UPS Customer Service, you can do so up to nine
months from the date of expected delivery
. You can report an uncollected C.O.D. either online or to UPS Customer Service up to 45 days from the date of package delivery.


Q. What about Returns?

A. If the customer returns the item(s) for ANY reason, customer is responsible for outgoing freight as well as return freight. The cost of the shipping will be deducted from the credit which the customer is entitled to upon receipt of the returned item(s).

Damages that occur in transit are unfortunate. Our policies are in place to expedite the process of sending replacements or repairing as quickly as possible.

Please, do not hesitate to call if you have any further questions. 800-877-5472.