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Commercial Mixers



Mix & Mingle...Fold in the profits

Commercial mixers are designed to disperse ingredients uniformly in order to provide maximum yields during the cooking, frying or baking process. Quality mixers can throughtly blend a variety of ingredients for every mixture. Mixing times are shortened to improve productivity by reducing or eliminating the number of under or over mixed batches, bowl scrape downs, and tool clean outs.

There are 3 types of mixers Countertop Mixers , Floor Mixers , and Hand Mixers .

Countertop Mixers
range from 5 qt to 20 qt bowl sizes, and will fit on any commerical kitchen countertop. Can be used for bread dough to the lightest whipped cream.

Floor Mixers, also know as planetary mixers, range from 20 qt bowls and up. The majority of food mixers for commercial kitchens are planetary mixers. The mixing attachments turn on an offset shaft while the shaft rotates around the bowl. Planetary mixers can whip, blend or mix various types of dough and batter. Usually found in bake shops and pastry kitchens, although they are useful for eliminating hand-mixing of other items.

Hand mixers, or immersion blenders pulse large quantities of foods very quickly and have a wide range of uses. Perfect for emulsifying sauces, soups, batters, and pureeing fruits and vegetables.

Kirby offers a variety of commerical countertop mixers, floor mixer, and hand mixers from Globe, Robot Coupe , and Waring .