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Commercial Slicers


Cut your prep time in half.

Food prep can be a time consuming process without the right tools. Slicers, dicers, wedgers and cutters can help you increase your production time, and improve the quality and precision of your food cuts without bruising or waste.
Meat Slicers

Commercial Meat Slicers are great for delis and grocery stores, and can slice meat paper-thin or up to 1" thick. Slicers can be used to slice meat and cheese for sandwhiches. There are three strengths of slicers Heavy duty, Medium Duty, and Light Duty. The strength of the slicer, is determined by how many hours a day the operator will use the slicer.

Slicer Run Time
Heavy duty 4 hours and up
Medium Duty 2 to 4 hours.
Light Duty 2 hours or less

Vegetable Slicers and DicersVegetable Slicers Vegetable Cutters ,and Vegetable Dicers cut faster and safer than knives. Razor sharp blades help maintain the cell structure of the produce, entending shelf life. Slice, dice, wedge, and cut consistent, and professional looking vegetables for grilling, frying, or garnishing.

Kirby offers a variety of commerical meat slicers and Vegetable slicers and dicers from Globe, Hobart, and Vollrath.