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Commercial Ice Machine Accessories

The most important thing you can do to keep your ice machine running smoothly and extend the life of service is to...


It is also prudent to use dedicated containers, scoops and utensils to prevent germs from being transmitted by careless handling practices. Water filters provide protection against unpleasant tastes, odors, sediment and scale formation.

Remember ice is legally considered food and is subject to strict hygiene legislation just as food is.

Cleanliness of the machine is very important and manufacturers‘ cleaning routines should always be followed. Kirby accessories are professional, affordable solutions for both of these needs.

Gray lineSafety Guidelines for Ice Handling

  • Use a proper ice scoop when filling ice buckets from the ice maker storage bin and a scoop or ice tongs when putting ice into glasses. Never use hands to pick up ice, even if you’ve just washed and never use a glass to scoop up ice, it’s very dangerous. Glass looks like ice and a single sliver of glass can cause serious injury in the mouth and throat.

  • Never store anything except ice in the ice storage bin, anything else could cause

  • Always keep the storage bin lid of the ice machine closed when not in use.

  • Don’t let customers help themselves to ice.

  • Regularly clean and sanitise all equipment that comes into contact with the ice such as
    ice buckets, scoops, tongs using a sanitisers approved by the manufacturer of the ice

  • Follow manufacturer recommendations and clean your ice machine regularly with a good ice machine cleaner chemical like Kirby's 100% nickel safe ice machine cleaner.

    Before cleaning the storage bin, turn the machine off and empty it, discarding any ice and mopping out any water using new cleaning cloths before a thorough clean out and sanitising. If the clean-down instructions have been lost, contact the supplier or manufacturer and ask for a copy. Learn More about how to clean your ice machine.

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