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Ice Machine Buyer's Guide

Ice Machines
How to Clean Your Ice Machine

If you notice that the size of ice cubes is smaller than normal, or the ice is soft, mushy or cloudy, these are indications that an ice machine is overdue for cleaning.

Kirby Nickel Safe Ice Machine CleanerFollow manufacturer recommendations and clean your ice machine regularly with a good ice machine cleaner chemical like Kirby's 100% nickel safe ice machine cleaner.

Below are instructions for cleaning the 4 Brands offered on Kirby's website, Hoshizaki, ICE-O-Matic, Manitowoc, and Scotsman Ice Machines.


Remember: Always discard the first batch of ice after cleaning any ice machine.

Gray lineHoshizaki Ice Machines

 1. Turn Unit off
 2. Replace or clean water filter
 3. Drain pump by removing pump plug
 4. Add Kirby's Nickle Safe Ice Machine Cleaner to pump
 5. Open cleaning valve on evaporator wall
 6. Turn control switch to wash
 7. Once unit is free from scale turn off
 8. Close cleaning valve
 9. Drain solution from pump
10. Replace plug in pump
11. Turn control switch to "Ice" for 3 minutes to clean entire pump
12. Turn control switch to wash circulate clean water to rinse
13. Turn unit off, drain pump
14. Repeat rinsing procedure twice
15. Turn switch to "Ice" replace cover.

** Requires special brush to clean even surface and space above unit

Gray line

Ice-O-Matic Ice Machines

1. Before cleaning the storage bin, Turn machine off
2. Completely remove or melt all ice from the storage bin, discarding any ice and mopping
    out any water using new cleaning cloths.
3. Add Kirby's Nickle Safe Ice Machine Cleaner to pump
4. Turn switch to "Wash"
5. Wait 15 minutes
6. Depress the "Purge" switch unit until all cleaner is flushed down the drain
7. Move switch to "off" position and inspect components
8. Repeat steps if needed
9. Move switch to "Ice"

Gray line

Manitowoc Ice Machines

1. Turn toggle switch to "Clean"
2. Pour in Kirby's Nickle Safe Ice Machine Cleaner after 45 second rapid flush
3. Turn switch to "Ice" and replace front cover

Gray line

Scotsman Ice Machines

1. Empty bin of ice
2. Switch both Master and Compressor switches to "Off"
3. Add Kirby's Nickle Safe Ice Machine Cleaner to pump
4. Turn switch to "On" and let run for 30 minutes.
5. Turn switch to "Off", remove pump hose from evaporator water manifold, point it into bin     and switch Master switch to "On" in order to pump cleaning solution out of reservoir. Add fresh water to reservoir to thoroughly rinse.
6. Replace pump hose
7. Remove control box cover, turn timer shaft clockwise to position in harvest
    cycle. Replace cover
8. Turn both Master switch and Compressor switch to "On"

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