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Advertising Accuracy Policy
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Product Desciptions

We cannot fully guarantee the technical accuracy of our descriptions of merchandise presented on our web site.

REASON: Most written descriptions are compiled from the manufacturers printed material, and manufacturing specs are subject to change without notice.

In other cases original documentation on the item was not available and "best guess" had to be substituted.

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Internet Pricing and Website Errors

Due constant manufacturer price changes, the posted internet prices are liable to change without notice. We do our best to keep up with the changes, and keep our site current and accurate.

However mistakes happen and errors can be made.

We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any order containing any error or inaccuracy.

If your order is canceled after your payment has been processed, we will issue a full refund to the method of original payment.

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Used Equipment Policy

Our policy is to sell "USABLE", USED EQUIPMENT.

Therefore... Kirby will have the used equipment tested before it is offered for sale. We will do this with refrigeration and electrical items to insure that when they left our dock they do work properly.

You will be informed if the item fails any critical test. We will let you know what repairs need to be made and you will have the right to refuse to complete the transaction.

Test running of the sold equipment takes time. We ask you to give us 72 hours to ship your used merchandise.

All used equipment is sold as is and without any warranty as to life of service or fitness for the buyers purpose.

No refunds or returns on used equipment will be made or accepted.

NOTE: We DO NOT disassemble used equipment prior to sale. Therefore some residual grease and grime may remain. Despite our best efforts, NO GUARANTEE is made that the equipment you receive will arrive in "clean as new" condition.

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As solder ages, it becomes brittle. (Solder holds refrigeration lines together.) When older refrigeration is shipped on a truck, it usually bounces quite a bit. The bouncing and vibrations can cause the brittle solder to allow a refrigerant leak. This happens occasionally. It is the responsibility of the buyer to have the refrigerate replace by a local source at the buyers expense

Consider This... Kirby sells heavy duty commercial equipment.

We recommend the buyer have it installed... And maintained regularly by a professional experienced refrigeration technician or other speciality service tech where this is prudent.

We at Kirby will answer any questions you may have concerning proper installation and operation of any unit prior to you installing it.

All used equipment is sold FOB our dock in Longview, Texas 75602. The seller accepts no responsibility for the item after it leaves our dock.

Good To Know... Ice machines must be kept clean in order to run properly.

When the expensive evaporator plate cakes with mineral deposits from dirty water, you will get less ice production. It takes longer to remove heat from water... Thus build up makes all components of the machine work harder and shortens the expected life of the machine.

It is important that you use an in-line water filter and regularly clean the evaporator plate with a commercial grade ice machine cleaning chemical to protect your investment.

Kirby will help you get started right. We will offer to sell you:

You can buy similar products in your area if you choose not to buy from Kirby. Fortunately, most parts on ice machine are generic and can be purchased from a refrigeration supply parts store.

But ...Manufacturers may have discontinued certain brand specific components, therefore it is prudent to protect the original equipment with proper maintenance recommended above