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Ice-O-Matic Head & Bin Combinations

ICE-O-Matic Modular Head Ice Maker with Bin

Modular Ice Machines - Head Units with Storage Bins
The most common and widely used.

A Modular Ice Machine is composed of an ice-making head with
a separate ice storage bin.

Head Units
The head unit is a standard ice maker and condensing unit. Condesnsers can be air-cooled, water-cooled or, remote-cooled. It can produce a range of 300 to 2400 lbs of ice per 24 hrs. Available in a variety of sizes and ice types, it allows you to design an machine to fit your ice production and storage requirements.

Storage Bins
Storage Bin capacity ranges of 200 to 2000 lbs. It is important to choose a bin that will hold enough ice on your peak business days, but won't overflow during downtime.


At Kirby we have pre-packaged a variety of head units and storage bins, to give you the bin that is most compatible with your ice machine.

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Cube Ice

The most common form of ice in the commerical industry. Eighty percent of restaurants choose ice machines that make cubed ice.

Cube ice is clear and comes in various shapes —rectangular, full cube, half cube, gourment, contour, or other regular shapes. The largest dimension is about 1.25 inches (3.18 centimeters). Pieces of cube ice range in weight from 1/6 to 1/2 ounce (4.8 to 14.0 grams) and contain minimal amounts of liquid water.