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Ice-O-Matic Modular Remote Cooled Half Cube Ice Machine - 1201 lbs, ICE1006HR

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Ice-O-Matic ICE1006HR, Modular Remote Cooled Half Cube Ice Machine - 1201 lbs

Series Cube ICE Makers Available in remote condenser, and full or half-cube configuration

The Perfect Ice for Any Occasion

It's that familiar clinking sound in your favorite beverage. It's the fresh, crystal-clear ice that tumbles into glasses at restaurants, bars and convenience stores around the world, cooling the drink while preserving the flavor.

Ice-O-Matic manufactures a full range of ICE Series™ modular cube ice machines designed for extremely simple operation and maintenance, with a commitment to reliability. Your silent partner, working every day to provide high volumes of crystal-clear ice. Ice-O-Matic ICE Series™ modular cube machines produce half or full cubes, and meet or exceed CEC or Energy Star criteria.

Remote condensers allow quiet operation and provides energy savings. Consider a remote condenser. A variation of the air-cooled system is a remote condenser unit that offers some advantages of its own.

The remote unit takes the biggest heat-producing component, the condenser, out of the ice maker and your kitchen altogether. The remote approach does not require water and removes most of the heat from the service area.

The condenser can be located up to about 50 feet away, including the roof. Remote ice makers are also quieter than typical machines because some of the machinery has been relocated. Front-of-house soda and ice dispensers are a good application for remote equipment because of the reduced noise and heat.


  • Superior Construction
    Ice-O-Matic ice makers are constructed from durable stainless steel on the inside and a combination of stainless steel and industrial-grade finger-print proof molding on the outside.

  • PURE ICE - Exclusively by ICE-O-Matic
    Built-in antimicrobial protection for the life of the ice maker prevents bacteria and slime fungus growth.

    Ice-O-Matic's optional water filtration system provides protection against unpleasant tastes, odors and scale formation.

    You can be confident that your customers are getting crystal clear, hard, fresh tasting ice each time they are served. Today's food safety concerns demand no less.

    Ice-O-Matic Harvest Assist provides consistent production 24/7 for the life of the ICE maker. ICE is helped off of the evaporator freezing surface instead of relying solely on gravity. This method overpowers scale buildup. Your operating costs are reduced because Harvest Assist delivers ice faster, with less melting than any other system available.

    115 volt Cube ICE Makers are very energy efficient machines that offer maximum ICE production with minimal kilowatts per hour and water usage. This results in reduction of operating cost over the life of the ice maker.

    Ice-O-Matic combines a copper core for superior conductivity with electroless nickel plating to resist the damaging effects of water and ice over an extended period of time.

    All remote condensers are treated with a salt air corrosion protectant – FREE.

    Remote condenser for roof mounting application

    No side clearance required...Ice-O-Matic uses a minimum amount of space with an ultra-low profile. It is ideal for tight-fitting places.

    No air filter to change.

    You get a strong 3 year parts and labor warranty on all components plus and additional 2 years parts warranty on the compressor.

    Purchase an ICE-O-Matic water filter with a new ICE-O-Matic Cube ICE Maker, replace the water filter cartridge every 6 months, and the evaporator warranty is extended to 7 years - parts and labor (available in the USA and Canada only)

Cube ice never goes out of style and is perfect for any application or occasion. Long-lasting cube ice is the right choice for a wide variety of uses.

Ice-O-Matic is the smart choice for Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Convenience Stores, Institutions and Health Care Applications.

Remote Condenser Unit

All remote heads require the purchase of a separate remote condsener unit.

Purchase a remote condenser here.

Full Cube
Full Cube

Half Cube
Half Cube

NSFc UL us

enery efficient ISO Cert


ICE Production per 24 hrs
Unit 70° Air / 50° Water 90° Air / 70° Water
Air Cooled 352 lbs 244 lbs
Water Cooled 351 lbs 284 lbs

ICE 1006 Series Cube ICE Makers Available in full or half-cube configuration

Ice Production - Up to 1077 lbs. of ice per 24 hours
Condenser - Remote
Electrical - 208-230/60/1

Ice Cube Size and Shape - Full Cube 7/8 x 7/8 x 7/8 inches or or Half Cube 7/8 x 7/8 3/8 inches

Requires Remote Condenser VRC-2061

Dimensions: W: 30" x D: 24" x H: 26"

ICE1006HR Manufacturer's Spec Sheet

Download Manufacturer's Specification Sheet

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If you cannot open the file, click here to download a free copy of Acrobat® Reader™.
3-Years Parts and Labor, Additional 2-Years Parts coverage on Compressor. Water filter program extends Evaporator Warranty to 7-Years Parts and Labor coverage.