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Bring the Outside Flavors In!

Prepare meat, chicken, and fish in the kitchen, and still maintain that backyard BBQ look, taste, and smell.

Charbroilers provide consistent temperatures and high production levels with a short a recovery time. The focused heat source, allows you to cook more food in less time. Charbroilers use a lot of heat and energy. Check your local fire codes, and be sure you have an adequate ventilation system for smoke in your kitchen. Look for cast iron radiants, optional stainless steel splash guards, and wide front shelves for plates.

There are two different types of gas charbroilers Radiant charbroilers and Lava-Rock charbroilers.

Radient CharBroilersRadient CharBroilers

Initially costs more, but cooks faster, uses less energy, and requires no ongoing maintance.

• Gas flames heat the radiants and provide an even heat   pattern across grill surface.
• Easier to maintain and clean.
• Less flare-ups in the broiling process.

CharRock CharBroilersLava-Rock CharBroilers

Initially costs less, but requires the replacement of the the Lava Rocks when they become coated with burnt drippings. Manufacuters recommend replacing them every 6 months.

• Ceramic briquettes simulate charcoal cooking.
• Builds visual excitement with more flames and smoke.
• Adds back flavor with sizzle of drippings from meats.

If gas is not available to your operation, an electric charbroiler may fit your indoor grilling needs.

Kirby offers a variety of Lava-Rock, Radient, and Electric Charbroilers from APW Wyott, Garland, Turbo Air, US Range, and many other top maufacturers.

Once you have chosen your charbroiler check out these helpful charbroiler cooking tips, to get the most out of your grill.