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Restaurant Ranges

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Your kitchen is the heart of your business. Restaurant Ranges are perfect for smaller restaurants seating less than 150 people, and establishments where sautéing is not often required. Medium-duty restaurant ranges come in many different sizes and top configerations.

Top Configerations

You can order a variety of top combinations, to suit your cooking needs. Choosing the best top configeration for
your range depends on the:

• Type of operation
• Menu
• Hood space available

There are 3 main types of top configerations available Open Burners, Griddles, or a mixed top Open Burners & Griddle combination.

Open Burners - Choice of professional kitchens

Open BurnersThe most common and most flexible type of top.

• Provides instant heat, and is easily controlled.
• Cheaper than electric burners.

What do I look for in a burner?

• Easily removable top grates
• A wide range of flame heights
• Ring or star burners
• Individual pilot lights for each burner

Griddle Tops - Prepare a variety of food quickly.

Griddle TopsA steel plate that fits over a portion of the range.

• Performs the same function as a free standing griddle.
• Made of steel, cast iron or aluminum
• Large open space, allows serveral food items to cook at   the same time.

What do I look for in a griddle?

• A large grease trough for easy clean-up
• Manual valve controls for user regulated temperature   control
• Thermostatic controls for accurate temperature control
• A non-stick or well seasoned surface.

Electric Burners are also an option, if your kitchen is not equiped for gas.

What else do I need to know?

CheesemeltersConsider an overfired broiler for broiling, melting cheese, or finishing. Availlable in counter, range mounted or wall mounted models.

Cheesemelters - Gentle heat for delicate cooking. Great for holding food or finishing cheese dishes.

Salamanders - High heat for cooking almost anything. More powerful and useful than cheesemelters.

CastersCasters - Swivel casters make cleaning and maintenance easier. Locking casters are recommended for stability.

Be sure to purchase the gas range that matches the type of gas you will be using(Natural Gas or Propane), otherwise you could risk damaging your new range.

Good to Know: Gas connectors need to be adjusted, by your installer, for elevations above 2000 feet. Let Kirby know when you are ordering.

Kirby offers variety of Commercial Restaurant Gas Ranges, Electric Ranges, Cheesemelters, Salamander Broilers, and Accessories from Garland, Southbend, US Range, and Vulcan.