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Floor Model Fryers

In general, floor model fryers are divided by their sediment zones Open-pot Fryers and Tube-type Fryers and can be purchased in gas or electric models.

Kirby offers variety of Gas and Electric Floor Model Fryers from Dean, Frymaster, Pitco, Saturn, and Vulvan.

What is a sediment zone?

An area separate from the cooking zone at the bottom of the fryer.
Crumbs fall and collect in the sediment zone throughout a cooking cycle.

What are the 3 types of sediment zones?

Open-pot Fryers - The ideal fryer for French fries, prepackaged, and light to medium battered foods. Easy to access and clean. Heating conductors are on the outside of the frypot and sediment zone.

Tube-Type Fryers - The best choice for fresh fish, onion blossoms and other fresh battered or heavily breaded foods. Harder to clean and access. The sediment zone is underneath the heating tubes inside the frypot.

Flat Bottom Fryers - Foods that float on top of the oil when frying, like wet battered fish, funnel cakes, and tortilla chips, are perfect for this fryer. Hard to clean and without a sediment zone crumbs stay close to the frying foods.