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Kirby's Brand
Of Microfiber Products...

Are Essential Tools For
Cleaning Programs.


Effective at capturing microbes
Microfiber mops reduce bacteria on floors by 99%.
This compared to a cotton-loop mops 30% bacteria reduction.
Micro fibers generate a stat electric charge. When moved across a surface, the fibers attracts dust. Microfiber contains the dust and germs rather than spreading it around as in normal dust mop cleaning.

Prevents cross-contamination
Different colors of microfiber can be designated for
specific cleaning tasks creating a color code system
of cleaning. Using one mop pad per room prevents
the chance cross-contamination will occur.

Uses chemical and water more effectively.
Studies confirm microfiber uses less water and chemical
It reduced the amount of water and chemical handled.
This eleminates the need to wring a heavy cotton mop...
So there in less potential for worker injury. Microfiber mops
actually use 10 to 15 times less liquid. Less liquid - less water
on the floor - floors dry faster, accidents are reduced. A fully loaded microfiber mop is lighter and easier to maneuver.
Pads were made to last for many reusings.

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