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Commercial Environmental Chemicals

Environmental Chemicals

Kirby's Brand
Of Commercial Cleaning Chemicals...

Help Make Your Commercial
Environment Safe And Pleasant...
A Bit More Like Home.

REAL PROBLEMS to be solved:
High cost of cleaning equipment & chemicals
Weak supplier service / support
No monitor of chemical usage
No thorough cleaning and sanitizing program
Unprofessional installations of equipment and accessories.
Poor guest experiences
Confusing number of cleaning products offered
Untrained employees
Under pressure from upper management to make cuts.
Having to do more with less.
Clogged toilets and drains
Strong institutional odors
Danger of pandemic disease outbreak

Kirby's Brand of Food Service Chemicals.

• Kirby's Brand of SERVICE:
Since 1970 - Solving problems for commercial environments like yours.
Loyal customer quote: "You always do what you say you will do."
Kirby's brand of service is 24/7
Quick...Reliable delivery direct from our headquarters blending plant.

• Kirby's Brand of CHEMICALS:
World's best Environmental Chemical "solutions" at contract prices.
PROVEN CHEMICALS - For critical and non critical surfaces -
Hard Flooring -Carpet - Soft furnishings - General and particular environmental surfaces. Clients love the pleasant home-style product fragrances. The best way to do more with less. Installed and serviced by professionals. Concentrated Multi-Purpose cleaners/degreasers lead the way; reducing overall number of products stocked. Our line of Sanitizers are EPA approved. Concentrated speciality products cut cleaning time. Our brand helps you do the job right the first time.

• Kirby's Brand of Equipment & Accessories:
Partnership with Kirby to find efficient ways to operate your property
may be more important than ever. Your Kirby rep can show you how
to keep equipment in good condition longer. And when necessary provide a path to replacement with Kirby brand equipment and accessories through Kirby's complete Food Service equipment and accessories dealership.