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Commercial Food Storage Containers

Cambro offers the complete food storage solution with StoreSafe® containers that saves your time and money. They meet HACCP guidelines, protect and maximize the useable life of the food. Totally dishwasher safe, easy to clean, and NSF listed.

These containers are available in two shapes...Rounds and Squares...manufactured in 3 materials...White Polyethylene, Translucent Polypropylene and Camware® polycarbonate. Round containers increase airflow and promote efficient cooling. Cam Square® containers maximize usable storage space by providing 33% more storage space than rounds. Snap-on, tight-sealing lids are color-coded. The graduated scales printed on the container match the lid. This means you will never guess which lid belongs to your container. Regardless of the configuration you choose all containers are rugged and guard against the danger of cross contamination of the food they protect.