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Save Energy, Water, Money, and Earth!

Why go GREEN when purchasing Ice Machines, Refrigeration, Ranges, Ovens, Fryers, Holding Cabinets, Slicers, Mixers and Dishwashers for your commercial kitchen?

Why not?

Answer these questions.

• Do you want a 1/3* more profitable business?
• Do you want to save big on your energy, and water bills?
• Would you like your necessary purchasing decisions to help today’s “conservation” efforts.?

Is the answer yes?

Then you should start making decisions to purchase equipment that everyone is calling “GREEN”.

Washington State University Cooperative Extension Energy Program said:


"Most restaurants are energy-intensive facilities where significant energy-saving opportunities exist through wise operation and equipment selection."

You start thinking GREEN when you start thinking energy savings options.

*A recent independent Government ENERGY STAR® study showed that operators could
increase profits by as much as one-third ($3.00 for every $10.00 in profit) if they saved 20
percent on energy costs.

Sounds Good!

Manitowoc Foodservice Enerlogic

Here is what one industry leader, Manitowoc Foodservice, published:

“When it comes to saving energy in restaurants, the best place to start is in the back of the house. After all, that’s where foodservice establishments spend most of their energy dollars. "

Food preparation alone accounts for about 35 percent of a restaurant’s energy consumption. But
investing in energy-efficient appliances can help bring down utility bills and conserve resources.

Energy Star LogoWhen adding or replacing any kitchen equipment, it’s important to look for products marked with the ENERGY STAR logo, a sign that they meet or exceed the federal government’s standard for energy efficiency.

ENERGY STAR has certified a number of appliances present in quick-service kitchens, including fryers, commercial dishwashers, ice machines, and hot-food holding cabinets.

A complete list can be found at

ENERGY STAR projects a life-cycle savings of 25 to 60 percent for steamers, 51 percent for fryers and 137 percent for hot holding cabinets. Since most foodservice equipment spends more than 50 percent of its time in idle mode, consider planning to turn off a few pieces of equipment during off-peak times for big savings.

Reduce water use.

In a typical restaurant, water use ranges from 6 to 29 gallons per meal.

Tankless water heaters are now available, which save considerable amounts of energy.

At the dishmachine, infrared burners create efficiencies up to 70 percent versus typical gas or electric systems. Fully insulated cabinet bodies reduce heat gain and still contain the needed heat to properly sanitize dishware. Also, low water use machines can reduce rinse water by as much as 50 percent.

Now computer technology and new construction material enables some of today’s ice machines to save up to 15% water use. In addition to grabbing up to $500 in rebates from local governments on selected items.

Ice O-Matic, leader in energy saving ice machines reminds us...


Save Money With Energy Saving Rebates

A growing number of states, municipalities and energy companies offer incentives to restaurant operators when they add energy-saving equipment to their restaurants. In addition to cooking, refrigeration and ice-making equipment, some areas offer rebates for lighting and many other qualifying energy-saving purchases. EPA ENERGY STAR makes it easy to search for rebates with the Energy Rebate Finder”. 

Click here for ice machine energy rebates

ENERGY STAR also provides energy savings calculators to help you estimate your own energy savings in purchasing new energry efficient equipment. The savings calculators are generated in Excel, printable, and allow calculations based on your local or national electric or gas rates.

Check out these calculators and see how much energy and money you can save:

Note: EPA periodically updates the savings calculators; check back to make sure you have the most updated version. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, saving the calculators to your desktop may be quicker than opening them on the Web.

Industry magazine QSR writes…


”From the floors to the light bulbs to the kitchen sink, creating a sustainable Green based business environment, is not only great marketing, it’s also better for your bottom line in the long run.”

At Kirby we remind you...

This is only the beginning of the Green manufacturing movement.

Watch for more major improvement with each passing month. Strong competition will bring ever-more Green energy savings features and earth friendly construction material into a hungry for green markets. And these changes will fufill the promises being made for going green even more profitably. It is an amazing and exciting time to be in the food service business.