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Buy your Ice Machine from a company with 41 years experience.

You are ready to buy an ice machine. You have lots of questions, and need help sorting though all the sizes, types, and styles available.

Remember an ice machine is a long term investment.

You need to choose an ice machine that will be able to supply all of your ice requirements as your business grows. Kirby is here to help you find the ice machine that is just right for you.

Let's start with three basic questions.

1.) What type of ice do you need?

There are three basic types of ice Cube ice, Flake ice, and Nugget Ice.
Too many choices? Can't decide which is right for you?

Keep these questions in mind:

• What do your customers want and expect in their drinks?

• What kind of image and personality is your business trying to project?

• Do you need ice in the kitchen or other areas that won't be used in drinks?


2.) What type of ice machine are you looking for?

There are two types of ice machines Modular Ice Machines and Self-Contained Ice Machines.

Think about how much ice you need and the space you have for a machine. A modular ice machine would benefit a large restaurant, with lots of thirsty customers. A self contained ice machine would be perfect for small bar or cafe.


3.) Are you looking for a specific Brand or Manufacturer?

Kirby has a variety of commercial ice makers and other ice machine equipment available online from Hoshizaki, Ice-O-Matic , Manitowoc, or Scotsman . Free Freight on Ice-O-Matic in the continental U.S .

If you are looking for an ice machine your don't see on-line. Call us for a quote. We promise to give you the same low prices, great service, and fast shipping you get from our online store.


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