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Ice-O-Matic Commercial Ice Machines

ICE-O-Matic Pearl Ice Pearl Ice® — The Consumer Favorite

You could call this "The People's Ice." A great addition to any fountain drink, smoothie or beverage, our proprietary Pearl Ice is soft, longer-lasting and chewable. Is it any wonder people love it?

Pearl Ice dispenses smoothly, blends quickly and displaces liquid better than any other ice. Increased profits and higher customer satisfaction make this the perfect ice for restaurants, convenience stores and healthcare applications.

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Ice-O-Matic Ice Machines

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Great Ice...

Ice-O-Matic® manufactures, distributes and supplies a wide range of ice-related products including cubers, flakers, nuggets, storage bins, dispensers and water filters.

Since 1952, they have been developing new technologies, including the introduction of AgION™ Antimicrobial Compound in their Ice Series cube icemakers and their extended water filter warranty program, that have resulted in the creation of products that are more efficient for business and safer for the environment.

Why Buy ICE-O-Matic?

PURE ICE - Exclusively By ICE-O-Matic
Built-in antimicrobial protection for the life of the ice Maker inhibits bacteria and slime fungus growth on ice Maker surfaces. ICE-O-Matic’s optional water filtration system provides protection against unpleasant tastes, odors and scale formation.

All Ice-O-Matic Storage Bins and dispensers are insulated with industrial polyetheleyne foam for maximum ice preservation.

Filter Free Air

No air filter to change! Oversized condenser means no air filter to change!

Energy Effeicient

ICE-O-Matic cube, flake, and nugget ice makers are energy efficient machines that offer maximum ice production with minimal kilowatts per hour and water usage. This results in a reduction of operating costs over the life of the ice Maker.

Great Price..

Purchase the full line of ICE-O-Matic products, including the NEW ICE-O-Matic Pearl Ice Nugget Makers from Kirby at the lowest price you will find anywhere on the web. Buy Ice-O-Matic Modular Cuber Ice Makers with Bins , Flaker Ice Makers , Ice Dispensers, Remote Condensers, Ice-O-Matic Undercounter Self Contained Units , and more from Kirby.

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