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Ice Machine Buyer's Guide

Ice Machine Installation Test

Wait...Before you buy your need check a few things.

Saf-T-Ice Tote

Okay, you have selected your ice type, machine type and brand. You have put together the perfect ice machine. A machine that will that will be able to supply all of your ice requirements as your business grows.

Now comes the big stuff...Will your perfect ice machine pass the installation test?

1) Will your ice machine fit through the door?

It is important is to measure the doors and hallways to make sure your ice machine will fit.Measure

Be sure to check and double check, that your ice machine will fit vertically and horizontally in the space you are purchasing it for. Allow space for the ice maker, storage bin, and water filter.

The ice machine needs to have 5 to 8 inches of space around it for proper air flow on the top, back and sides. If the space is too small you might want to consider a top air discharge unit.

2) Is it close to an electrical outlet and a plumbing hookup?

Check to make sure that your electrical connections, water source, and floor drain within are 6 feet of your ice machine.

Power Supply

3) Do you have the right power supply?

There are ice machines that can be powered by standard electrical outlets, but some ice machines require more power. When you order, verify that the ice machine is the correct voltage for your set up. You may have to consult an electrican, to confirm your ability to operate the ice machine properly.

Floor Drain

4) Is there enough plumbing for your machine?

Ice machines need to be connected to a cold water supply with a shut off valve. You will also need separate drain lines for the ice making head and the storage bin. Don't forget the required floor drain.

5) Are your connections up to code?

All local, state and national code requirements are different. It is important to make sure that your electrical and water connections are not in violation of the codes.

Remote Condensers

6) Are you purchasing a Remote Condenser?

If so, consider these questions:

• Is there an outdoor condenser location above the ICE Maker?
• Is there easy roof access and penetration?
• Do you have maximum pre-charged tubing lines?

Answering these simple questions beforehand, will make the purchase and installation of your ice machine a much easier process.

Kirby is here to help.

If you have any other questions about the installation of
your ice machine call us 1-800-877-5472.


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