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German Knife Automatic Meat Slicer- 9 Speed Chute, GS-12A

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German Knife GS-12A, Automatic Meat Slicer- 9 Speed Chute

* 1/8 HP Powerful Chute Motor : Powerful torque chute drive motor provides a clean cut on tough products.

* Powerful Gear Driven Knife Motor : German Knife's Heavy Duty Gear Drive System provides years of maintenance free reliability without down time. No belts to slip or break. Powerful 1/2 HP Knife Motor assures peak performance when slicing the toughest products.

* Half-Permanently Lubricated Worm Gears : Grease reservoir attached to the Knife Motor allow Worm Gears to last longer. Worm Gears are made of Nytratron that is self-lubricated plastic made in Germany for high speed commercial equipment.

* Electronic Control Panel : Variable 9 speeds chute drive from 20 to 60 strokes per minutes.(GS-12A only) German Knife's new tough pad control board are easy to operate.

* Self-diagnosis Function : Self-diagnosis function protects against an overheated or over current condition on the knife and Chute and Motors. (GS-12A only)

* Stainless Steel Structures for Food Zone : Stainless Steel food contact zone provides easy to clean surfaces and won't chip or peel.

* Stainless Steel Slice Receiving Place

* Oil Lubrication System on Top and Bottom Slide Shaft : Oil lubrication system on top and bottom slide shaft provide smooth sliding for the chute compared with competing brands.

* Ergonomic Style Chute Handle : Comfortable and stable ergonomic style grip on the chute handle provides easy glide manual operation.

* Knife Blade : Exclusive knife made in Germany holds the cutting edge longer requires fewer sharpening, resists corrosion and provides precision cutting and more uniform slices each and every time.

* Heavy Stainless Steel End Weight : Heavy end weight lets you slice tiny pieces to the end and eliminates waste.

* Operator Side End Weight Rod : By placing the end weight rod on the operator side of the chute the product is held tighter for slicing.

* Top Mount Knife Sharpener : Sharpener won't get lost or dropped, aligns consistently to the knife and provides single easy step maintenance, swings away from food contact area when not in use.

* Safe Knife Cleaning : German Knife heavy duty slicers are equipped with a permanently attached knife ring guard and interlock knife ring guard and interlock knife cover. These Features help protect the operator from contacting the blade's edge while cleaning.

* Slice Thickness Adjustment : Precise slice thickness adjustment lets you slice from tissue thin to 1" thick.

Premium Food Slicer, automatic, angle feed, 12" diameter s/s knife, gear driven screw motor, top mount knife sharpener, variable 9 speeds chute drive, self diagnosis function, 20-60 strokes per minute, stainless steel, 1/2 hp knife & 1/8 hp chute motor, UL, NSF

Knife Motor - 1/2HP 1PH AC115V 60Hz

Diameter of Knife - Diameter 12"

Speed - Max 60 slices/min

Slices Thickness - tissue thin ~ 1" thick

Dimensions: W: 25.6" X D: 23.4" X H: 27.4"

GS-12A Manufacturer's Spec Sheet

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2 yearts parts and labor